You take several photos of that scene, hoping to have the ONE.
Find the best pick of a series or burst and clean up your library.


Screenshot of Photoscope on VisionOS


Screenshots of Photoscope on iOS
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We end up with hundreds or even thousands of nearly duplicate photos, where having a small subset of those would be so much better. Better for you, and better for the size of your photo library.

Sit back and go down memory lane. And come back with your favorite memories and more storage!

Photoscope does 3 things for you

  • Surface your photo series and bursts in a familiar interface.
  • Guide you through the quickest process possible to find a single pick for a series.
  • Let you then share or favorite that pick, and let you delete all the discarded photos from that series.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Photoscope?
We’ve had the need for a product like Photoscope for a long time. This winter, we had the perfect opportunity to create our first native app for Apple Vision Pro while scratching our itch. So we couldn’t resist.

What are the System Requirements for Photoscope?
Photoscope runs on the latest major OS version. Photoscope is available for visionOS 1.0 or later, and iOS 17.0 or later. Older versions will not be supported. The latest available public OS release is recommended.

Why is there no version for iPad? I would love to have this app on the Mac!
Kindly exercise some patience, if you may.

I have a feature request! / I think I found a bug.
The ••• menu on the main screen contains an entry Send Feedback. We’re eager to hear about your ideas and learn about unexpected behavior.

How can I support Photoscope
Let more people know about the app. Post to social media, share the app with friends and family. If you like Photoscope, please leave a review on the App Store. That does help us a lot! If you have a quibble with Photoscope, please get in touch and let us know. If want to support our work, take a look at our other products, Kaleidoscope and Versions. Maybe you have a need for them.

Specific Functionality

Why does Photoscope require full access to my Photo library?
Photoscope automatically shows series and bursts in your library. It needs to be able to detect those. This can only be done using full access. You could (and in fact can) also manually select a series, but that is rather tedious. And for bursts, this method does not work, see below. Once you found your pick for a series, Photoscope can favorite that photo in your library or delete photos you have discarded. Full access is also needed for those operations.

What do I see on the main screen?
Once you have given Photoscope access to your photo library, the app will show Photo Series and Photo Bursts, sorted by date in reverse order. The latest will be on top. You will see a single thumbnail for each series or burst. On the top right of each thumbnail, you see what it represents and the number of photos contained. Series have a clock icon, whereas bursts have the same icon used the Photos app. Tap a thumbnail to open that series and go through the process of selecting your pick.

Photoscope did not detect a series. Can I add one manually?
Yes! Select the Photo button on the main screen, to present the (system provided) photo picker. Select all the photos you want to have in a series. A series needs to have at least 2 photos, typically more.

Can I add a Photo Burst?
A photo burst is a range of photos automatically marked as a burst by iOS. Using full library access, Photoscope can detect and show all of your bursts. Manually adding a burst does not work. If you use the Photos button, switch to Albums and Bursts and then select one, the operating system will only provide Photoscope with the one photo you see in the Photos picker, not the entire burst.

Photoscope is not showing series in my Hidden photos?
Yes, that’s correct. You intentionally marked those photos as hidden in Photos app, so Photoscope does not have access to those photos, they are hidden.

Pricing and License

What’s the price for Photoscope?
Photoscope is completely free to download and use. We make no statements about the future and don’t publicly discuss plans. If you download Photoscope now, the features you are getting now will remain free.

If the app is free, are you stealing my data?
Absolutely not! Apart from a bit of anonymous analytics (powered by Amplitude), no data is collected, and we’re not giving that data to anyone. Our goal with that is to learn about app usage and how to improve it to cater to your needs. The data we gather via analytics does not contain any personal information, and most importantly, no photo data ever leaves your device. We cannot see your photos and frankly, we don’t want to.

Other Questions?

If you have a question that has not been answered here, please let us know via